30 sketches: sketch 15… or leftie sketches for a rightie 06

Ok. Was quite sunny today, and was feeling confident that I could do a life sketch with my left hand now. Of course I failed. Or so I think…(more on that later).

The problem with using your non-dominant hand is that you need full concentration when doing things. Even if you’ve used it for a while, it still takes a lot of effort to be even close to normal. Which means you can’t rush it. Or you can, but it’ll be much different from your expectations. So, here’s today’s sketch (looks like blind contour drawing). Here, the watercolours can’t hide the lines. Haha. But if my left develops a (slightly) different style than my right, that would be interesting. And useful in a way. I hope. Some artists draw crooked lines on purpose. A lot of the words are illegible, gotta type:

Tiong Bahru Park
20 Sept 2012

Page 1 of leftie workbook for a rightie. Writing all caps at the moment. Will try cursive next week. Been doing 3 alphabets a day for the past 8 days straight but I’ve skipped a full week.

Drawing moving objects from life looks/feels totally different than copying a photo. Heck even stationary objects are a challenge if you try to draw them quickly. Even writing. :) +/-30mins

About the “failing” part, last night I watched this. Interesting video considering I’m only targeting OK for my left hand. And I’d probably stop/forget this once my right hand’s back to normal.

Then I saw this this morning while looking for non-dominant hand exercises. Envious. (That’s why cursive was mentioned). Bought a 70-sheet lined pad. Haha. Ok, 6 months – must stick to it. After that, I’ll see how it goes.

Hi animevenus93, your post was inspiring!

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