30 sketches: sketch 13… or leftie sketches for a rightie 04

Went to the doctor last Wednesday and had my mummy-like cast/splint removed…. Only to be replaced by a thermoplastic splint. Good news is my thumb, index and middle fingers are free. Bad news is the splint is still a major obstruction to my  daily routine e.g. typing, drawing and mousing ;P. I’ll be wearing this for three weeks so I’ll just take this to be an opportunity to make my left hand more useful. :) Still clumsy with the chopsticks, can do most things though a tad slower and with less strength. Drawing-wise still a bit uncontrollable. I guess my left hand’s perfect for that free flowing chaos I’ve been after. I don’t have to draw crooked lines on purpose, they are naturally crooked!

My Pangga recently discovered Game of Thrones and we’ve been squeezing in an episode or two before bed the past few days. Cersei is beautifully regal. (or did 300 brainwash me on how a queen should look like?) I try….


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3 thoughts on “30 sketches: sketch 13… or leftie sketches for a rightie 04

  1. Your work is very intriguing. I love the eyes and the little half smirk in this piece. Im very impressed with your control of watercolor, its something I never really could do. Although I always shied away from it, maybe thats the reason. Great Work!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Dylan. I too shied away from colours & wet media, until around last year when I bought a portable watercolour set and promised myself to just use it. Thanks.

      • You are very welcome. My best pieces are in pencil and charcoal, much easier to control haha. I will be posting some of my pastels and oils pieces soon. Although they are colors, oils and pastels are good for me because I don’t have to worry about them running off my page.

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