30 sketches: sketch 11… or leftie sketches for a rightie 02

Would you call someone who forgets his/her struggles a hedonist? Maybe I’m one.  I only remember yesterday’s sketch as better than expected. I’ve forgotten how difficult it was to draw lines with your “other” hand. So, day two: effort recall. My body tensed as I drew the lines and the pen shook away from the intended path. You know that feeling, like the first time you flossed in front of the mirror and it’s quite frustrating because when you want to twist left your hands twist right? Or the first time you trim your moustache (or eyebrow for the girls)? A tad frustrating, ain’t it?  I don’t know how to put it…. or maybe I do: THIS REQUIRES FULL CONCENTRATION. Not just on the drawing hand, but also to keep the body relaxed. Not to mention stopping my right hand from grabbing the pen. This is like some zen meditation shit! Well, I am damn sure I’ll gain something from this skills-wise, whether obvious or not, directly or indirectly, new synapses or not.

Here’s today’s sketch. With all the colours here, the crooked and unappealing linework are slightly hidden. But you can see ‘em, like the chin area in orange ink. I’ve posted this face back in June too, the rightie version is here.

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