30 sketches: sketch 9

Today I did something pretty stupid. I punched a wall. Now the base of my pinkie is swollen. It is painful to type my p’s, commas and returns. Yeah, I did the standard thing ice and all, but by the time I was comfortable enough to go down all three clinics were closed. I googled “swollen hand punched a wall” and it’s just so funny that a lot of people can’t control their anger too. Well what I got from this was: if you draw and blog DO NOT punch a wall. Walls always win. The upside to this is that the pain at the base of my middle finger is gone. Probably moved to the pinkie side where the party’s at. I have no strength at gripping anything but I got to try to get this back on. So here’s my first sketch with the swollen hand. God that was painful as fuck. Interior for now, where I can be loose and not so concerned. From imagination.

Ok, so I have to do some more. At least to see if things are improving pain-wise….

I really can’t save my life drawing a woman’s body. The arms and hands are off proportion. She looks like a he. Did the coloured one first, then tried to repeat but…Jim Beam’s sending me to bed. At least I can blame pinkie here. Seriously it was painful, yeah Jim helped lessen that.



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